Information and Knowledge for Decision-Making

The CVDI is advancing state-of-the-art research in the fields of Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, and Data Sciences. UNC will bring new research capacity to the CVDI, with faculty and students from multiple departments across campus.

Techniques include:
  • Agent-based and multi-agent modeling
  • Machine learning
  • System dynamics and systems science
  • Network analysis
  • Mathematical systems modeling
  • Temporal and spatial pattern recognition
Research and application areas include:
  • Logistics and supply chains
  • Business processes modeling
  • Social process and marketing simulation
  • Health data analytics
  • Infectious disease modeling
  • Pedestrian, crowd, and traffic flows
  • Land use/land change
  • Urban policy and planning modeling
  • Human/environment interactions



Name Department Expertise
Noel Greis (PI) Kenan-Flagler School of Business Global logistics; Supply-chain management; Technology management; Commercialization
Todd BenDor City and Regional Planning Land use and environmental planning; Impacts of human activities; Development on sensitive ecological and environmental systems
David Gotz Information and Library Science Interactive visual methods for information analysis and communication in healthcare and life sciences
Nikhil Kaza City and Regional Planning Urban development processes; Energy planning and land use impacts; Plans and their uses in public and private decision-making
Kristin Hassmiller Lich Public Health Operations research; Complex systems; Econometric tools in public health; Infectious disease modeling
Ming Lin Computer Sciences Physically-based modeling; Collision detection and proximity queries; Planning navigation and behaviors for virtual agents; Crowds and traffic
Dinesh Manocha Computer Sciences Geometric algorithms for modeling/motion/animation; Collision detection
Javed Mostafa Information and Library Science Information retrieval; Biomedical informatics; Data mining and visualization; Human Computer Interaction
Peter Mucha Applied Mathematics; Applied Physical Sciences Network analysis; Mathematical and statistical models for real-world data
Nancy Rodriguez-Bunn Applied Mathematics Mathematical models in social/biological/ecological systems; Models for crime activity
Steve Walsh Geography Human-Environment Interactions; Remote sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Spatial simulation models